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Oct 17, 2018 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife

The Plan

We ! have ! a ! plan!

Most of you know, we went on vacay in the Dominican Republic in June & came back with a crazy idea: Should we move to the DR? This one idea led to a SPIRAL OF IDEAS, Should we move to Central America? South America? Asia? Canada? Should we sell all our stuff & live in an RV? Should we buy a house in Galveston & travel for 3 months at a time? Oooh, Italy, what about Italy, WE LOVE ITALY. P-A-S-T-A. & so on & so forth. It’s a big wide world of OPTIONS.

But we finally decided that Italy was THE PLAN. We’d spend a year in Tuscany & then evaluate the next step (I KNOW, it’s terrible). We also decided that if we’re going to make such a big leap, especially as a family of 4 + doggos, our plan has to be realistic & sustainable. Michael & I are the grown ups in this scenario (#dearlort). We can’t backpack this shit. We can’t roll into town hoping for work or a place to live. We can’t ignore the fact that our children probably need to learn to read (#themoreyouknow). & we have to be able to financially support ourselves & the kiddos & still feed the doggos if something goes awry.

The Plan Behind the Plan

Hence: the nest egg. Luckily, Michael & I are champions at both research & paperwork (#bowTFdown). We’re going to manage the work/ visas/ homeschooling/ how-do-dogs-get-to-places bit just fine. But it is very important for us to have 1) no debt & 2) a certain amount of $$$ in the bank before committing to long-term family vagabonding.

WE HAVE BEEN MAKING PROGRESS ON THE PLAN BEHIND THE PLAN. Start selling shit? Check. Put the house on the market to sale? Check. Stack back that money, money, money? Check. But we’re just not quite there yet, & WE. ARE. RESTLESS. (Also, the food scene here suckses very much bad.)


So part of the plan was to sell our house & move in w/ Michael’s parents in order to pay less in rent than we currently pay on our mortgage. But, DID YOU KNOW, that you can live in the Dominican Republic for about the damn same or less than it would cost you to live with Michael’s parents? That if you can secure remote work (which we’ve done, in an industry that doesn’t typically promote remote work), you can still achieve your goals FROM THE BEACH?!

It is 44 degrees & raining in Midland, Texas, & it is 83 degrees & sunny in Punta Cana. I’m just playing. But I’m saying . . .

So OFF. WE. GO! January 7th, the Porters pack their bags & move to Puerto Plata on the north side of the DR to give remote life a shot. It’ll be a test, of us, the kiddos, the doggos, work, $$$, all of it. & then once we’ve saved up our nest egg, maybe Italy. Maybe Thailand. Maybe the moon! We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Go Forth & Do

Sometimes you just have to go forth & do. Quit analyzing the one million alternatives to your plan, quit worrying about all of the what ifs & the things that you cannot control. Trust the universe & go & do while you’re still blessed enough to be able to go & do.

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