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Week 2

Jan 22, 2019 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife

Week 2

Jan 22, 2019 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife

The Move

Holy crap, we did it!

After much deliberation about when & where & how, the hubby & I committed to move ourselves, our 2 kiddos, & our 2 doggos to the Dominican Republic ~14 weeks ago. & while it’s been 14 weeks of absolute chaos—with regular work, children, life chaos + the holidays + moving to a new country—our current feeling is “YES.” It was a hard, crazy decision, & there are moments where we do feel/ will feel unstable, but at the moment, we are so very, deeply glad we’re here.

The Steps

So: steps. In the past 14 weeks, we sold both cars plus sold/ gave away everything in our house, & we have the house rented out for a year. We don’t plan to come back (we also don’t know where we’ll be “next”), but in the current market, it made more economic sense to rent it rather than sell it. We transitioned our jobs from “in the office” to remote, & hugged our friends & family “see you soon.”

We did a MOUNTAIN RANGE of paperwork; most of it was to fly the dogs internationally & most of it was never looked at by anyone (#paperworkheartbreak). They are now Dominican street dogs, if anyone asks. We enrolled the kiddos at a local international school that is so great, Michael & I are jealous we didn’t get to go to it when we were little.

We’ve been here almost 2 weeks now. We AirBNB’d an apartment with a killer view for our first month & initially planned to stay here even longer, but the other tenants aren’t comfortable with dogs, & our doggos are going crazy being tied up on our porch instead of the yard all day long. (Plus, a herd of cows comes through to graze once a day & it BLOWS. THEIR. MINDS.) We also have several high walls & unprotected ledges, & I trust neither my children nor my dogs to navigate those safely for the long-term. So we’ve signed a 6-month lease on a house on the other side of the kiddos’ school, & our goal is to use that 6 months to explore & figure out where we want to be next.

We set up our remote office on our kitchen table, with a back-up WiFi hotspot for when the power goes out or the regular WiFi caputs. We wake up early & knock out as much work as we can in the morning/ early afternoon, so we can enjoy our family time together after the kiddos get out of school. We conference call in & set up shared-screen meetings through online apps. So far, the work piece has transitioned relatively seamlessly, but there’s an insecurity that comes with being “out of sight.” However, hand-in-hand with that insecurity is a freedom; I feel very empowered when it comes to establishing my workload, my processes, & my schedule . . . apparently I’m so poor at setting boundaries at work that I had to move to another country to make it happen.  But #fuckit, it’s happened.

The Goal

Our 2018 goal was to get out of Midland, TX, & here we are: week one-and-a-half in to that #remoteworklifestyle. (& let’s be clear, we’re already #ruintruint with the freedom, flexibility, & killer views.) Our 2019 family goals are 1) to utilize the cost of living difference between here & home & stack back a certain $$$ in our bank account & 2) to enjoy the hell out of our surroundings. & my personal goal is to continue working, but instead of giving my spare time to MORE WORK, to give that time to my family & my own personal creative endeavors. & blog stuff sometimes (a whole lot more, actually, so I hope you’ll join me along the way.)


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