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2019: The Year of #Value

Jan 28, 2019 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife

2019: The Year of #Value

Jan 28, 2019 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife


Melinda Gates—philanthropist, businesswoman, & all-around compassionate & kind human being—has a unique New Year’s tradition. Instead of creating a resolution for herself, she chooses a single word to capture her vision for the year ahead. For 2018, it was grace & you can flee from here & go to her article & read all about her amazingness.

The point is, I like the concept. I’m not against New Year’s resolutions, Michael & I are absolutely goal-driven individuals. We love the dopamine hit of accomplishments big & small, & both separately & together, we’re always pursuing something.

But for me, this year is a little different. We just achieved a huge goal: get TF out of Midland, Texas, she says, writing from her kitchen table in the Dominican Republic. So we’re here, & every day is a wonderful new learning experience. We’re also both still working full-time. It is, 100%, a privilege to be able to work remote. We work just as much, but for me especially, it is easier to mentally turn off work mode in our non-work hours here than it was at home.

But for me, work is still a struggle. I’m satisfied when I finish a project, but I haven’t felt fulfilled in a long time (career-wise). I’m engaged when I can mentor & train, but I am agitated when I have to fight to be heard. I am good at what I do, so I don’t like the idea of leaving what I’ve learned & experienced behind, but hell, maybe I could be good at other things too.


So my word for 2019 is going to be #value. (If it doesn’t have a hashtag, is it even a word?)

I want to learn to value myself. I know it sounds cheesy, but hey, it’s 2019 & women are allowed to like themselves now (mostly). #queenjameela

I want to respect & protect my own time, energy, effort, sleep, body (sorry about all that rum!), & creativity. My tendency to date has been to try to outwork my anxiety & pile to-do’s on my plate until I’m a 100% stressball, & that’s not #bestlife for me or my famil

For my day job, #value means providing 40 hours of value & then shifting focus to me & my fam. It means taking advantage of the distance of #remotelife to stay away from negativity & drama, setting boundaries where appropriate, & speaking up for what I need & want. Urrgghhh, it seems so intuitive, but it comes with a LEARNING CURVE.

#Value also involves paying more attention to the things that are important to me. Michael, kiddos, doggos, check! Being in the DR equals so. much. togetherness. & beach days every Saturday (thank God for babysitters). The DR also graces us with gorgeous views, lots of sunshine, & plenty of exercise, so 3 check, check, & checks on the self-care & #value front.

Finally, if I’m going to #value my time & energy & myself, I think I actually have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up (at least the next step).

Do you watch Jane the Virgin? Because: ehrmagherd, Jane the Virgin. #obsessed #teamrafael

No spoilers, there’s just this beautiful moment in Season 1 where Rafael – #teamrafaelFOREVAH – asks Jane what she wants to be, & she has a practical answer (teacher) & a brave answer (writer). & I feel that shit so hard.  I have worked hard to be good at what I do, but the driving force has been praciticality for so long.

We still have $$$ goals to meet, the plan is not to run screaming from the day job. But 2019 is the year is to value & revive the parts of my creativity that I sacrificed in order to be oh-so-practical.

2019 is the year to be brave.  

What's the "Path to Best Life"?

How do you balance Art & Adventure?


Our little family is tracking our adventures both here & on #TheGram. We especially wear out InstaStories, so if you’re interested in remote work, life in the Dominican, or you just want to see some #beachlife, we’d love for you to join us on our journey. 


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  1. Mum

    Love this!! I’ve been doing the “word” instead of a resolution for 3 years now & it’s so much more creative & freeing than a resolution. Value is a beautiful word. 🙂

    • salvagelit

      It’s a good way to capture what we want for the year – seeing & increasing our worth (financially, sure–we have our savings goal–but more importantly, the quality of our daily life & time here & together). Do you have a word of the year for 2019?

      • Mum

        My word this year is “release”. It’s about letting go of constructs of fear & limiting beliefs, and anything I’ve taken on that isn’t “me”. Letting go of my career so I can enjoy a new one. Releasing where I live so I can move on. There’s plenty to let go of. “Freedom” might be an accompanying word.

        • salvagelit

          I love it. There’s a woman I follow on Instagram (@mayicarles) who talks about the joint goals of financial freedom & radical happiness. She did a post a couple of days ago where she talked about doing less, but doing it better – essentially creating success by slowing down & paying attention to what you actually want & focusing on what matters most:


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