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Month 1: Check!

Feb 7, 2019 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife

Month 1: Check!

Feb 7, 2019 | Adventure, The Path to #BestLife

Remote Life

We are somehow an entire month into our remote-work adventure. Like so many of the best experiences, it feels both like we just got here & like we’ve been here forever. We have settled quickly into a new house (our 2nd in a month); the kiddos are adjusting well at their international school; and while we’ve kept the same jobs, it’s in a very different setting. It is PRICELESS to be able to work either in your pajamas or from an internet café at the beach.

It has not necessarily been easy to line out all the details of moving, but that is true of any move. You leave behind & move ahead simultaneously, & it takes work on both sides. There are some extra edges to navigate here, culturally, linguistically (Heidi still no hablo the Espanol), & economically, but it has honestly been so much easier than I expected it to be to get from there to here. (Also, I am a MF queeeen of paperwork. #skills)

We have each other, which is a blessing & also so ! much ! time ! together ! (thank God the kiddos have school or Momma would be #cray). We’ve picked a spot with a welcoming community, both Dominican & expat, & because we’re in a similar timezone to back home with decent WiFi, we can stay in touch with family, friends, & work.

For Life

When we came to visit Punta Cana last June, we loved it, but we honestly thought we would get bored on an island in a relatively short time – even after we decided to give the DR a shot, our timeline was “a few months.” Then six month. Eight months. Now it’s a year (at least).

We were so wrong about the depth of the culture/ island. We haven’t been bored for a single MINUTE, whether it’s walking to the grocery store amid a herd of cows or chickens, spending a lazy Saturday on the beach, hanging out at the local expat bar, or going to the edges of town to have dinner with a local family. We’ve barely tapped the tip of how much there is to explore here & how much there is to learn about Dominican itself.

I think it’s safe to say we’re at least #ruint on the 8-5 in-the-office lifestyle, regardless of how long we stay or where we go next.

Over the next year, we want to share as much of this experience as possible: the good, the bad, the easy, the hard. Thank you so much to everyone sharing in this journey with us.

Where did it all start?

How do you balance Art & Adventure?


Our little family is tracking our adventures both here & on #TheGram. We especially wear out InstaStories, so if you’re interested in remote work, life in the Dominican, or you just want to see some #beachlife, we’d love for you to join us on our journey. 


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